SEPA Instant Credit Transfers


This page is an indicative description of the SEPA Instant Credit Transfer feature. The feature is still in development; the contents of this page may change prior to release.

Currently, this page only describes the incoming flow for SCT Instant. The outgoing flow is still in development and will be described in Q3.


SEPA Instant Credit Transfer (SCT Instant) is a payment scheme that allows customers with bank accounts in a member country of the SEPA Scheme to make and receive SEPA Credit Transfers that are processed in less than 10 seconds.

Solaris has implemented the SCT Instant scheme. This page explains how to handle these types of transactions—both incoming and outgoing—in your solution.

Implementation flow: Incoming SCT Instants

SCT Instant transactions will be reflected on your customers' accounts with the booking type of SEPAInstantCreditTransfer.

Subscribe to the BOOKING webhook event to receive notifications about new bookings on customers' accounts. The webhook payload will indicate the ID of the booking and the ID of the account where the booking was posted. Submit the booking and account IDs to the GET Show all bookings endpoint to retrieve information about the transaction.

Account reachability

While Solaris supports Instant SCTs, this feature is not enabled for your customers' accounts by default. Talk to your Partner Manager about how to activate it for your customers.