Get started with Solaris

Get started with Solaris


The Get Started guide explains the process of implementing Solaris' APIs and processes in your solution. It is intended for partners who have just signed a contract with Solaris to begin onboarding, and for prospective partners who want to understand how the process works.

This homepage summarizes the process at a high level. Each of the linked pages goes into more detail about its respective stage of the process.

Solaris recommends completing the steps in the order they are listed in this guide (and in the left-hand navigation).

Step 1: Technical setup

First, you must prepare your solution to communicate with Solaris' API. This includes getting your access credentials, setting up your solution to communicate with Solaris' Production and Sandbox environments, and subscribing to relevant webhook events.

These steps are described in the technical setup guide.

Step 2: Onboarding requirements

This guide provides a comprehensive overview of the different onboarding requirements for each of Solaris product, customer type, and branch. It includes the following requirements:

  1. Legal and compliance screens
  2. Data collection
  3. Tax information
  4. Document collection
  5. KYC
  6. Mandatory features

These requirements are described in the Onboarding requirmeents guide.

Step 3: Onboard customers

Now your solution can begin the customer onboarding flow. Solaris has prepared the following step-by-step guides on the necessary API calls and consent screens for onboarding various types of customers for Digital Banking & Cards:

Note: For Lending products, see the respective product feature guides.

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