This section includes our integration guides, which give you a complete walk-through of individual integration flows for each of Solaris' product offerings.

In addition to our API reference, our guides provide step-by-step instructions, code examples, and explanations of basic banking concepts.

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You can find all of our integration guides in this section, categorized by product.

Get started

The Get Started guides describe the entire process of implementing Solaris APIs from start to finish for new and prospective partners. In addition, it includes guides on how to get your API credentials and set up your environment, how to build your frontend considering our legal requirements, and complete onboarding guides for Digital Banking and Cards for retail customers and businesses.

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Digital Banking

Our Digital Banking guides explain basic banking concepts and give you step-by-step instructions on integrating Solaris' Digital Banking features.

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Dive into our Cards guides to learn how to issue and manage cards for your customers, authorize, process, and settle card transactions, and more.

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Customer KYC

Integrate our digital KYC services and identify your customers securely while complying with regulatory requirements. Whether you're identifying businesses or retail customers, Solaris' customer KYC solutions are versatile, scalable, and suitable for different products and use cases.

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Compliance requirements

Stay on top of our regulatory banking requirements and make sure your solution stays compliant by integrating our compliance features.

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Empower your customers to manage their finances freely with our digital lending solutions. Learn more about integrating our Lending features, such as Overdrafts or Splitpay, for retail (B2C), freelance, and business (B2B) customers.

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