This guide contains all information about Solaris' Splitpay products, including key concepts and the necessary endpoints for creating, activating, and servicing Splitpay applications.

What is Splitpay?

Solaris' Splitpay is a revolving credit product that combines a credit line with single installment loans to offer a unique buy now and pay later model.

How does it work?

Customers apply for a credit line through your frontend, and based on the credit scoring results, Solaris will offer the customer a credit line with a specific limit for an unlimited term. Within the credit line limit, customers can instantly apply for single installment loans.

Solaris Splitpay products

Our API-enabled Splitpay solutions are available to existing current account holders and new customers. It's currently offered to the following segments:

  • Consumers (Retail customers)
  • Freelancers

Splitpay integration guides

The following links will take you to the integration guide of each Splitpay product.


Splitpay is currently only available to customers in Germany.

Splitpay API reference

The following links will take you to the API reference documentation for the Splitpay products.