Solaris offers a number of financing solutions that separate buying from paying so that your customers can have greater control over managing their financials.

Each of Solaris' Lending products has a dedicated start-to-finish integration guide for each available customer segment (i.e., retail, freelance, and business customers).

Read on to learn about how to integrate each of Solaris' Lending products.


If you are using a non-German Solaris branch in your solution, please consult with your partner manager to verify the requirements for each Lending product for your country.

What's in this section:

Consumer loans

Solaris' consumer loans product enables you to offer loans to your retail customers in a simple and efficient workflow. With just a few API calls and an automated credit scoring system, you can create loan applications, identify your customers, issue loan payouts, and maintain consumer loans.

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Fronting loans

Solaris fronting loans product allows you to offer single loans to your customers by leveraging Solaris' banking license. Solaris, as the fronting bank, takes over the functions that require a banking license, such as customer identification and vetting (KYC/BKYC), credit risk checks, and loan payout.

After a loan is paid out to the requesting customer, Solaris sells the loan agreement and receivables back to you or other investors. Therefore, fronting loans don't involve any servicing activities from Solaris, such as collection or dunning.

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An overdraft is a credit line that allows account holders who have an account with Solaris to make withdrawals or payments even if the account balance is zero or in case of insufficient funds.

Overdrafts are similar to a credit loan allowing account holders to withdraw money beyond the available funds in their account, usually within a specific pre-approved limit. Like loans, account holders are subject to pay interest and other overdraft fees.

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Solaris' Splitpay is a revolving credit product that combines a credit line with single installment loans to offer a unique "buy now and pay later" model.

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Trade Finance

Trade Finance is a product that enables your business customers to finance their trade purchases using a trade credit line issued by Solaris.

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