Compliance guides


This section contains guides on how to integrate Solaris' compliance features. Based on your individual solution, one or more of these products will be required for you to integrate. Please consult your partner manager if you have questions on what's required for you.

What's in this section:

  • Account closure: How to handle customer account closures in your solution.
  • AML update process: A legal requirement for verifying the accuracy of your customer's information.
  • GDPR deletion requests: How to delete customers from your system according to GDPR guidelines.
  • Postbox: A feature that allows you to provide banking documents generated by Solaris to your customers.
  • PSD2 SCA flow: Implementation guide for Solaris' redirected PSD2 Strong Customer Authentication flow.
  • Seizures: How to handle seizures from the court or other legal authorities in your solution, and how Solaris processes them.
  • Terms & Conditions Consent Log: How to communicate changes to Solaris' Terms and Conditions to your customers, and how to record their consent.