Foreign exchange mark-up

Whenever a customer makes a card transaction in a non-Euro currency, you must notify them of the difference between the VISA/MasterCard exchange rate and the European Central Bank (ECB) reference rate as a percentage markup for the transaction.

You will receive all of the required data points to inform your customers about the foreign exchange markup in the payload of the CARD_AUTHORIZATION webhook event. The meta_info object in the payload contains the following key properties:

  • fx_rate: The current exchange rate.
  • fx_markup: The difference in the exchange rate between VISA/MasterCard and the ECB.
  • issuer_fee: The foreign exchange fee charged by the card issuer.
  • original_amount: An object containing information about the original amount of the transaction, including the currency.

Here is an example of how to formulate the FX markup rate notification to the customer:

You spent 26 CHF (23,70 EUR) at {{name of merchant}} on your VISA card ending in 8765. The foreign exchange mark-up for this transaction is 0.3% over the European Central Bank rate.

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