Solaris Digital Assets


The Solaris Digital Assets (SDA) Platform enables your customers to store digital asset funds, accept deposits, process withdrawals and keep track of balances in digital assets.

This section contains informational guides and step-by-step tutorials for implementing Solaris Digital Assets in your solution.

Get started with SDA

Are you a new partner in onboarding, or do you want to see what it takes to onboard your customers onto the SDA platform? See the Get started guide for an overview of the SDA onboarding process.

Solaris Digital Assets Products

Solaris offers two products within the Digital Assets umbrella:


Custody is the fundamental Digital Assets product at Solaris. With Custody, your customers can securely store their crypto assets and make transactions.

Click here to read more about Custody.


Brokerage enables your customers to trade crypto in your solution. With Brokerage, you can offer a number of fiat/crypto trading pairs to your customers and provide real-time as well as historical price data.

Click here to read more about Brokerage.

API reference

The Solaris Digital Assets API functions fundamentally differently from the Solaris Digital Banking API. You can find all of the instructions and guidelines necessary for using the Digital Assets API in our Digital Assets API reference.

Click here to go to the Digital Assets API reference.