Legal & compliance screening


As a bank, Solaris must perform certain legal and compliance checks on all prospective account holders. Therefore, as part of your customer onboarding process, you must build a series of screens in your sign-up flow to collect customers' consent to the necessary legal and compliance requirements described in this guide. Solaris recommends collecting these agreements through the use of checkboxes in your interface.

You must display these checkboxes in the order listed in this guide. Additionally, your customers must check all the boxes before the customer identification process begins.

Please note that you cannot modify the legal texts provided in this guide without the prior approval of Solaris. Contact your Partner Manager for any inquiries.

  • It is strictly prohibited to store any personal data from customers until they have agreed to the Solaris Terms & Conditions.
  • Your customers must check the box next to each statement described in the following sections before moving on to the next screen.

Solaris Terms & Conditions

Your customer sign-up flow must begin by collecting the customer's agreement consent to our contractual requirements. Display the following statement with a checkbox:

I accept the General Terms & Conditions, the List of Prices and Services and all other conditions of Solarisbank AG.

Ich akzeptiere die Allgemeinen Geschäftsbedingungen, das Preis- und Leistungsverzeichnis, sowie die übrigen Bedingungen der Solarisbank AG.

When the customer ticks this box, record the timestamp (UTC format) and the UID of the specific document they signed (e.g., 41d817d6fcb3ee492ddcb8197e0edbf9tcdc). Your Onboarding Project Manager will provide this ID. Your solution should pass this information to the Terms & Conditions API, which is described in the next guide.


Whenever Solaris updates its Terms & Conditions, Solaris will communicate this to partners and provide a link to the new Terms & Conditions document. Your solution must then display another Terms & Conditions screen to your customers upon their next login and collect their consent to the new document by a deadline specified by Solaris. See the Terms & Conditions Consent Log guide for more information.

Customer information

Next, the customer must acknowledge a series of customer information documents. Display the text below with an accompanying checkbox, and record the tick of this box as a UTC timestamp.

Economic interest


You only need to implement this screen if you offer Lending products to retail customers.

Prompt your customers to declare that they are opening an account strictly on their behalf and not on behalf of a third party. Record the UTC timestamp of the tick of this box as the value of the own_economic_interest_signed_at property.

I act only in my own economic interest and not on the initiative of a third party.

Ich handele nur im eigenen wirtschaftlichen Interesse und nicht auf Veranlassung eines anderen.

Tax information

Solaris must collect specific tax information from each account holder within 90 days of opening the account or during the signup process in order to comply with the Common Reporting Standard (CRS).

If you choose to collect this information after signup, then you must provide the following checkbox during their onboarding to collect their agreement to provide this tax data within 90 days:

I agree to provide my tax residency and tax identification number within 90 days of opening my account.

Ich bestätige, dass ich meinen Steuerwohnsitz und meine Steueridentifikationsnummer innerhalb von 90 Tagen nach der Eröffnung meines Kontos angeben werde.

FATCA indication

You must now determine whether the customer wishing to open a bank account with Solaris is subject to US tax law. Solaris is required to perform this check to comply with the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA).

At this stage, you must ask for a self-declaration of FATCA relevance. You must ask the following question to the potential account holder and provide an accompanying yes/no input field.

  • If the customer answers "yes," set the value of fatca_relevant to true. In this case, the customer cannot be onboarded.
  • If the customer answers "no," set the value of fatca_relevant to false and store this in your solution.

Only customers with a fatca_relevant value of false can proceed with onboarding.

Retail customers

Are you a U.S. citizen (incl. dual citizenship), do you have a residence or a permanent residence permit in the USA*, or do you reside in the USA* for more than 180 days a year?

* Includes the US Minor Outlying Islands and the US Virgin Islands

Sind Sie US-Staatsbürger (auch doppelte Staatsbürgerschaft), haben Sie einen Wohnsitz bzw. eine ständige Aufenthaltsbewilligung in den USA* oder halten Sie sich in den USA* für mehr als 180 Tage im Jahr auf?

* einschließlich der kleineren abgelegenen Inseln der Vereinigten Staaten und der Amerikanischen Jungferninseln

Business customers

English text

Is the account holder and/or any of its beneficial owners established in the USA* or has it been established under the laws of the USA*, and does the account holder and/or any of its beneficial owners have a tax residency in the USA*?

* Includes the US Minor Outlying Islands and the US Virgin Islands