The Digital Assets API allows you to use callbacks to receive notifications about updates to Transaction, ClosureRequest, and Trade resources. The API will issue a callback with a reference to the changed resource whenever one of the following events occurs:

  • A new Transaction is created, or an existing one is updated.
  • An existing Trade or ClosureRequest is updated.

When you receive a callback, you can fetch the current state of the impacted Resource using the relevant GET endpoint.

During the Solaris Digital Assets onboarding process, you must provide a URL that can receive HTTP POST requests for the callbacks feature. If the Digital Assets platform cannot reach your callback URL, then it will retry with increasing intervals until the callback is delivered.

Callback payload properties

Field name Location Description
X-Resource-Type Headers The type of the created/updated resource.
X-Resource-Location Headers The absolute path where you can fetch the created/updated resource.
id Body The ID of the created/updated resource.


Transaction callback payload

X-Resource-Type: TRANSACTION
X-Resource-Location: /v1/entities/10ef67dc895d6c19c273b1ffba0c1692enty/accounts/9c41ec8a82fb99b57cb5078ae0a8b569acct/transactions/bf20c716075ea82a4b1f3f0b49657161atrx

  "id": "bf20c716075ea82a4b1f3f0b49657161atrx"

Trade callback payload

X-Resource-Type: TRADE
X-Resource-Location: /v1/trading/trades/10ef67dc895d6c19c273b1ffba0c1692trad
  "id": "10ef67dc895d6c19c273b1ffba0c1692trad"